Now is the time

As 2012 draws to a close, plans for the New Year will no doubt be entering your head. Now could be the perfect opportunity to meet those challenges head on and start your own Boatshed yacht brokerage franchise.

It’s no secret we live in tough economic climes but they say that is the best time to start a business, so when better to take the helm and control your own destiny? While you’re at it, you’ll be turning your boating passion into a fulfilling and rewarding career!

What is Boatshed?

Boatshed is a unique yacht brokerage franchise started in 1999 by Neil and Mandy Chapman who converted their maritime enthusiasm and passion into a successful business.

By offering a full support network for all new businesses, we have established ourselves as the largest global yacht brokerage franchise group in operation today - a fact that continues to inspire those with an entrepreneurial attitude to become part of a winning team.

The proven Boatshed model is the most user friendly and affordable way for any prospective boat enthusiast to run their own marine business.

As we’re an established brand, you can be confident that you’re joining something with pedigree – we always deliver a high level of service, and help you to do the same within your own business. This is something we’re passionate about, an ethos that has kept us at the forefront of the brokerage world for over ten years in fact!

Forward thinking

We’re committed to the use of forward-thinking processes and software - with continued technological advancement, any successful business needs to quickly adopt these solutions or face being stranded in the doldrums.

The benefit for new franchise business owners is that all forms of managing boat sales, documentation, web page building, sales management, customer tracking and contractual agreements are just a click away. We’ve already worked out the easiest and most effective way to do it, so you don’t have to do the thinking here.Integrating new technologies such as cloud based sharing applications means that we stay consistently ahead of the pack - making the whole process streamlined and user friendly!

Training opportunities and support

Setting up your own business can be a daunting prospect but we guide you through every step of the way. Boatshed offers a three day comprehensive training package that should see you hitting the ground running. The course covers all aspects of the business, giving you the necessary tools to help you become successful within the yacht brokerage field. Sales techniques, networking, software/system usage and marketing techniques are all covered ensuring you achieve the best start possible.

Once up and running, you’ll have access to a huge organisation, an online user operation manual is easily to hand, broker forums where likeminded individuals can discuss techniques and ideas are a mouse click away, plus live web chat and telephone advice is available seven days a week.

Pooling ideas

As much as Boatshed encourages the individualistic nature of running your own business, there’s still the opportunity to pool resources between each office. Sharing information, leads and tasks can sometimes be the key to winning sales and we encourage this way of working.In situations such as these, subdividing commission after the completed sale means everyone will be playing fair. As much as each franchise is its own entity, the pooling of resources helps us all achieve continued and successful worldwide growth. It’s a win, win!


Running your own Boatshed yacht brokerage franchise has never more affordable.Our proven business model and low cost start up ensures that you have everything you need to start your business.

Award winning

We’ve recently achieved 500,000 registered customers! We are proud to be the number one within the brokerage franchise field.We have won numerous awards too – so you don’t have to just take our word for how successful Boatshed has become!

Like any business you will need hard work and determination but with our new low start package and the support you get from Boatshed, now is the time to become part of this successful brand.

For more information, please click on and complete the online enquiry form, a member of our team will be pleased to give you a call and tell you how you can look forward to being welcomed onboard!