Friday, 16 October 2015

Island Harbour marina on the Isle of Wight is accessed through a lock. For a boat with a six foot draft access is from 3 hours either side of High water. Please do contact the Lock Control Tower when you are entering the Folly Reach just up river from Cowes.

The lock is operated from 0800 hrs to 2100 hrs 7 days per week during the summer months (winter hours 0800-1700 hrs) and during evening daylight hours when appropriate.

Access up to 4.5 hours either side of high tide, depending on the draught of your vessel or craft. Draughts of up to 2.5 metres can be accommodated.

There is a holding pontoon outside the lock and a deep water channel is clearly marked by port hand marks.

Lock-keepers are always on hand to help you dock, and offer a friendly, personal and efficient service to all visitors and berth holders.

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On arrival at the entrance channel please follow instructions:
The entrance channel for Island Harbour has been moved. The channel, which previously went out at 45° from the holding pontoon, now runs parallel to the outer waiting pontoon.

To enter the marina, stay in the main river channel until you have the starboard-hand mark directly opposite the lock gates, abeam. Then turn in towards the lock and keep on this line until you have entered the lock gates.

2015 Entering Marina Tide info

At Island Harbour we use Cowes as the standard port for High Water tide times. The table below shows approximate times (hours) before and after High Water to gain access into Island Harbour Marina.

If in doubt always check with Harbour Office

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